Alvesta kommun - Mobile Care Management

Alvesta municipality implement Viser´s Care alarm platform with the latest technology alarm hubs for all home care takers.

In the spring of 2019, Alvesta municipality procured new care alarms for the care and welfare takers. For a week in September, all care alarms were replaced with the latest generation hubs at the municipality's more than five hundred end users.

At the same time, the municipality introduced a new care platform from Viser AB and a completely new way of working with mobile alarm management.

The new care platform means that the municipality's home care staff handles the entire alarm chain without a central alarm reception service. The aim has been to increase the quality for the care taker and give the staff the best conditions to work efficiently and give he best possible care and attention.

This is what Senada Hodzic, head of operations at the Care Administration, says:
"In Alvesta municipality, we work actively with the continuous quality work and at the same time need to work more efficiently and smarter to meet the increasing number of care takers.

When it was time to procure a new care alarm system, we went out in an inquiry to the suppliers who were given the opportunity to present what the market had to offer. It quickly became apparent that a solution with mobile alarm management had great advantages from both quality and work environment aspects.

Introducing a whole new way of working in a large organization is always a challenge. The staff was, at first, not entirely positive, but after just a few days of use, the benefits became apparent to staff who can work efficiently and closer to the care taker. "

The positive response from the municipality's seniors has not been long in coming either.
We have only received positive feedback from users. The fact that the care recipient gets direct contact with the staff in the home care service is perceived as an increased security and a higher level of service.” says Senada.

Robert Green, CEO Viser AB

Senada Hodzic, Head of Operations, Care Administration, Alvesta Municipality