Ljungby municipality - Care alarm system as a service

Ljungby municipality has awarded Viser the task of delivering care alarm as a service for the municipality's six elderly homes with a total of 316 users. The care alarms are provided as a complete functional service from Viser over the contract period of initially six years with the possibility of extension for another four years.

Viser is responsible for the complete establishment, training, function guarantee around the clock and continuous development during the agreement period for a fixed monthly fee. Ljungby municipality is, in addition to users of the system, requirements for the system's functionality.

At regular operating meetings, Viser reports on accessibility, case statistics and, together with Ljungby municipality, upgrades and the introduction of new functionality are planned. The purpose is for Ljungby municipality to have an updated and modern system throughout the agreement period that best supports the needs of the business.

The establishment of the safety sludge system at our first three homes, Ljungberga, Ljungsätra and Åbrinken, was completed in December 2018, just one and a half months after the agreement was signed. Viser has run the project according to their established project methodology and as a customer we have been involved and continuously well informed throughout the project work, which felt very safe ", says Margareta Engström, Operations Manager at Ljungby municipality.

Establishment of other nursing homes within Ljungby municipality will take place gradually.

Robert Green, VD Viser AB

Margareta Engström, Verksamhetschef ÄO Ljungby kommun
0372-78 96 45