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Viser offers systems solutions to the health and care sector in purpose to gain an efficient and safe everyday life. The care alarm platform is the heart of our offer and by clicking on the symbols in the image to the right, you can read more about each service.

The care alarm platform is the heart of the solution

The care alarm system consolidate all types of accessories such as personal alarm pendants, fall sensors, door alarms, etc. that are used by the care recipient. The system distributes the information to the personal directly to their ordinary smart phone - secure and efficiently.

A simple an effective tool

Camera monitoring - Increased safety and mobility

Camera monitoring is the perfect tool to increase safety and contribute to mobility

Increased freedom of movement without sacrificing safety

Positioning - Creating freedom of movement

Positioning is a service that aims to increase freedom of movement without sacrificing safety.

Safe and fast positioning of individuals

Medication management - Increased efficiency, quality and security

A medication management system ensures the regulations and the handling of medications with documentation and full traceability.

Security for staff, care recipients and relatives.

Easy planning and registration of tasks

Manage planned activities in an efficient system tool for efficient operations.

Better routine with planning

Locks - smart access to doors and lockers

Smart locks for secure access to apartment doors and medicine cabinets

efficient and traceable lock management

Video meeting - remote presence

Videomöte gör att omsorgstagare, personal och anhöriga kan mötas enkelt och oftare.

Video meeting for remote presence

AI - the future is here

AI or Artificial Intelligence is a collective name for smart sensors that can be connected and collaborated with the aim of streamlining and securing everyday life for the customer and the care recipient.

The connected sensors of the future

Our services

Regardless of which service you choose, Viser is always responsible for the function and availability around the clock. Namely, we want you as a customer to be able to focus on the business and use the functions and support that the systems provides while we at Viser take care of operation, monitoring, upgrades and support for your users.

Together, we meet regularly and follow up the period's delivery and develop new functions to be able to support the business even better.

In this simple way, we ensure a continuous follow-up and development of the system functions in order to always be able to support the business in the best way.

The image below illustrates how Visers commitment continuously develops the systems over time (blue line) while a normal reactive service and support agreement inexorably leads to an outdated system over time.

Function vs service