AI - the future is here

AI is interrelated medical sensors that can be connected and collaborate with the care alarm platform in order to streamline and secure everyday life for the staff and the care taker.

It can be connected health sensors that measure heart rate and blood pressure, to preventive fall sensors or other future innovations. Visers´s care alarm platform is able to integrate with the connected sensors of the future and distribute these to the correct receiver, regardless of whether this is an alarm central, a mobile smartphone, or individual.

An example is the 3D sensor that identifies if the care taker is in a risky situation in their apartment. It could be that they haven’t returned from the toilet, that they have fallen and are lying on the floor, that they haven’t gotten up from the bed or other deviant events. The purpose of the 3D sensor is to be able to detect risky situations without the care recipient having to call for active help.