Medication management - Increased efficiency, quality and security

Digital Signing is important with a complex set of rules for delegations and preparations.

Ensuring that, for example, the right medicine is given to the right patient by qualified staff at the right time is of the utmost importance and must be documented in accordance with law. In most cases, this is done with manual forms and often there are mistakes that at best only result in time-consuming deviation reports. A digital signing system ensures the regulations and handling with documentation and full traceability with increased efficiency, quality and security for staff, care recipients and relatives.

Increase drug safety with a medicine dispenser.

By using a drug dispenser, we reduce the risk of drug injuries, contribute to increased efficiency for healthcare staff and increase the recipient's independence.
Drug dispensing is a fantastic tool for those care takers who need to increase adherence to the medication or want to administer their medication themselves. By implementing a drug dispenser, care takers can continue to live an independent and secure life, without being dependent on or limited to help. A drug dispenser relieves healthcare staff by reducing stress around medication management in both home and nursing home environment.